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MEedia Tips

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

  • 1. Set Up Your User Profile

    Your user profile allows your name, your position, and organization name to be listed within the text box just like in real, broadcasted press conferences. You can also upload a logo from within the profile page (MEedia is not responsible for the use of copy-written material, and advise all users to refrain from using such materials).

  • 2. Use A Stand To Record Your MPC

    You are not taking a selfie! Don't try to use your arms to hold your device while recording. For iphones and ipods use a selfie stick for best results. For ipads and ipad minis use a stand to prop up your device for best results.

  • 3. Stand 2-3ft Away From Your Device While Recording

    We have made sure to give you enough time to reset yourself before the recording process begins...that's what the GET READY prompt is for. Also, if the device is chest high you will be able to position yourself nicely between the logos and in front of the microphone on your chosen screen.

  • 4. Record Using A Solid Background

    Using a blank wall usually provides a solid color that allows the logos used in the background to stand out, just like in most pressers. We are currently tinkering with a new feature to be released in our next version that will address this issue and essentially allow you to... well, just stay tuned!

  • 5. Pay Attention To The Timer In The Lower Left Corner

    The timer will count down from 30 secs. allowing you to see how much time is left to answer the question, Rant! or talk smack about your preferred target!

  • 6. If You Make A Mistake, Hit BACK And Start Over!

    Everybody makes mistakes, even the professionals. If you said something that went too far, eventually you'll regret just hit reset. Reset is the green circular button with arrow in the bottom right corner.

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