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Address the World.

Use the First Ever Mobile Press Conference App.

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  • Re-imagine the media
    with you in it.

    MEedia is a new way for sports fan to engage their fantasy leagues, friends, family, colleagues, followers, social media community forums, and anyone with a mobile device through a unique video experience that was once reserved for those with "celebrity" status.

    Watch videoSee Meedia in action (2:55)

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  • Be the Media.

    With MEedia everyone is a celebrity! MEedia is your opportunity to address the world's most pertinent questions on screen. Stay tuned as we share some of the top MPC's created by users like you. Download MEedia from your device's app store today! ​

    • Upload to the Socials

      Upload to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

    • Updated Questions

      Topic and questions updated often to reflect current news and trends.

    • Fantasy Sites

      Compatible with popular fantasy site messageboards, like ESPN, CBS and Yahoo.

    • Video Overlays

      We have 4 video overlays to choose from to start, with and more added soon.

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What our users are saying.

  • "This app allows me to take "trash talk" to a whole new level in my league"

    - James Flannery

  • "Fantasy sports just got real with MEedia."

    - Robin Wilson

  • "Fantasy football will be better than ever with this app. I can't wait to use it this season!"

    - Rich Corsetti

  • "I made a MPC video, uploaded it to my league, and everybody went crazy! Our whole league is using it now. Must have for fantasy sports nuts."

    - Phantasy Phool

  • "I've already recorded several kind of sport conferences and sent them to my family and friends. The finish product looks pretty real and decent. Good job."

    - AlionaMuse

  • "I can see this being used not only for fantasy sports but online franchise's for gaming and with major sports leagues!"

    - Tone boi

Let us know what you think. Download MEedia and leave us a review in the App Store.

MEedia Sample MPCs

Take a look at some MPCs from some of our users. Be sure to tag #meediampc on your own videos and you might end up here too.

  • Video Thumbnail

    Charcandrick West

    Kansas City Cheifs, tries out the app

  • Video Thumbnail

    Joseph Robert "The Counselor"

    @fantasyfootballcounselor Podcast

  • Video Thumbnail

    Barry & Josh